scootermcgaffin (scootermcgaffin) wrote,

Scream 4...

Was REALLY fucking good.

I'll get it out of the way first, I always feel kind of odd, laughing at films like this because, like, people getting stabbed is obviously never actually funny. That said, when a dude gets stabbed straight on in the forehead then spends a minute or two flailing around while ghostface stands there, not even knowing what the fuck, only to utter "fuck you, Bruce Willis!" before dying...yeah, I'm gonna laugh.

There were two other deaths that did make me sad, was in the standard "but that character said hilariously terrible things! Don't kill him/her yet!" way, but the second, toward the end of the film, was legitimately sad. I was hoping that character would make it, and his/her reaction upon getting the knife to the stomach was heartbreaking.

...even if I did hate the character's hair.*

*I was worried that this would be too big a hint as to which character I meant, but then I realized it could apply to at least four cast members, so I went with it.

I do want to avoid massive spoilers, at least in here (any comments are fair game), so I'll just leave you with this:

Ghostface, on the phone: Time for your last question. Name the remake of the groundbreaking...
Kirby Reed: Halloween, Texas Chainsaw, Dawn of the Dead, The Hills Have Eyes, Amityville Horror, Black Christmas, House of Wax, Prom Night, My Bloody Valentine! It's one of those, right?

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